Why every business needs a real logo and a quiz to see if yours is one.

We ran into this with a web design client today.  Our client, who will remain unnamed, sends me their logo, but its not a “real” logo, its a 4 color illustration that has nothing to do with what they do and then has their name on a sign in said illustration. It is not a great illustration that made me think, wow no wonder they wanted to put that on everything. It was the same old thing we see everyday her in Arizona, it had a cactus on it and no, they don’t own a business that has anything to do with cacti, landscaping or anything of the like. In order to view their name, on what they called their logo, it would have to be a minimum of about 5 inches tall because the type was a very small portion of the graphic. Now its not feasible to put a 5 inch logo on most things so we put the  “logo” on the website 1 inch tall and then put some type next to it so people know their name. Not a great solution but its what they wanted. So, here is what you need to ask yourself to know if you have a “real logo”


1. Was your logo originally created in Adobe Illustrator and do you have a vector file of it?

2. At small sizes, lets say, what would fit on a business card, does your logo still function. IE. can you read your company name?

If you answered yes to both of the above, you have a real logo, if you answered no, call us, we will design one for you. The problem with not having a real logo is that if you do not have a vector logo there is no way to screen print, print on promotional products or reproduce it at large sizes, say for a car wrap or building sign. Now that you know you have a real logo, do you have a good one.


1. Was your logo created by someone who went to school for design or makes their primary living being a graphic designer?

2. Did you receive your logo in both horizontal and vertical formats or is your logo compact enough it works in all situations?

3. Do the colors on your logo touch or is there whitespace between. (There should be whitespace).

4. Does your logo reflect what your company does, your companies values, etc, does the logo reflect the business?

5. Was thought put into the colors and type of your logo, do you know the name of your font and the PMS colors of your logo?

The more yes’s you have for the above questions the more likely you have a good logo.


I could rant on this for hours but I will sum it up by asking one question. Do you care if potential clients know what you do and remember your name? If the answer is yes, then you need a good logo and since I have never met someone who would answer no to that question I think everyone needs one.  The reality is that a good logo is memorable and gives credibility to your company by making you look professional. It is the foundation of every company big and small and if you invest in nothing else when starting a business, invest in that.