We Broke Down and Built it

We encourage our clients to build new sites or refresh their sites whenever they begin to look dated, or get to a point that the coding type is out of date. That being said, we are like the mechanic who doesn’t fix his own car. Our website has needed an overhaul for a while now. Our portfolio was built in flash so no one on an ipad could view it. It was one of the first sites I built after we made the switch to building sites in solely css. Basically it was my guinea pig to get in some practice before taking on a clients site using the same method. It is hard to find the motivation to build a new one when everyone who goes to it says, “I really loved your website.” But the time has come, Crystal and I just couldn’t take it anymore. We built our new site as we have many clients lately using wordpress. We really like the simplicity of the functionality and we hope you do to. We are going to actively work on practicing what we preach to clients and try to be good little facebook, twitter and blog posters.  Please check back here to hear our latest Rants and Raves regarding marketing and design. We will try to post a good mix of funny and useful information that can take your marketing and design efforts to the next level.