How to get your designer to do their best work and please you.

A wise design friend once told me that great graphic design was designing a piece you could be proud of that you could convince the client to approve… especially when by committee.

As a designer I can tell you that what I consider some of my best work sits in a folder on my desktop dubiously titled rejects. When it comes to design I wholeheartedly believe as a general rule the client is not always right but that does not mean that I do not want each and every client to be happy with the final product, I do, otherwise they do not become lifelong clients which is always our goal. We try hard to establish a relationship with every client so that they see us as an expert at what we do and see the value and the return on investment.

We have a few things we ask each new client before doing their work, it helps educate them about how we work and allows us to meet their needs and do our best work. Below is a short checklist of things that will help your designer do their best for you, if you need a designer feel free to read through these and give us a call :)

1. Tell us any preconceived notions – While we like to think we have in-depth insight into the mind of each and every client, unfortunately we are not psychic and we don’t know that the color orange sends you running for the hills so if you have an idea of what you had in mind for your logo, or you have a photo that just has to be used, please tell us before we design it so that we can beautifully accommodate the request or try to explain to you why it may not be the best for your business, target market, etc.

2. Plan for projects in advance - You will never get a designers best work if  every project is a rush job. While I think we do some great ad work on the day they are due. I think we do a better job when we have a week to source the perfect photo, hone the perfect copy and have extra time to spell check and verify info. Mistakes get made most commonly due to rushing.

3. Educate us about your company – No one knows your company, and its target market, like you do. We will be better able to communicate the needed message if we know who we should be communicating it to. How old are they, mostly men, women, teens, how we communicate and the channels we use will be different depending on the market.

4. Tell us what is not working…not how to fix it -  It’s not that we don’t like your ideas, but we do design for a living and often we can come up with a solution that will both solve what is not working and still keep the piece looking professional. Making things bigger and bolder is often not the best way to show importance. If you don’t like the image we chose please do not go find one on google images and send it to us. We can’t use those because of copyright laws and we have wonderful stock photography available at our fingertips if a new image is needed, tell us what you have in mind and we will find you a new one that still fits the space.

Follow the above 4 recommendations and you will have design you can be proud of  and your designer may end up with a nice piece for their portfolio.