When creating a brand identity, DigitalMoxie does the legwork and gets to know your business and your customers. We listen to the principles you would like to convey and we blend that knowledge with cognitive and cohesive design.


What is a Brand?

Your logo alone is not your brand. A brand is your company’s signature “personality.” Simply put, your brand is what comes to mind when customers hear your company’s name. Your brand exists objectively in the minds of your customers.

Why do I need a Brand?

A good brand will deliver your message clearly, confirms your credibility, connects with your customers on an emotional level and promotes loyalty. Your brand encourages your company to maintain or exceed expectations that are perceived by your customers.

What is Branding?

Branding is influencing your customer’s perception of your company. It’s a strategic process marketed at your customers to leave an enduring impression of your company, product, or service.

Our Process

We get to know your target market, and your company culture so we can effectively promote and maintain your company’s story.  We help your customers discover, understand, and become devoted fans of your company’s identity, message, product, or service.